About Revenue Monster

From payment solutions to so much more today, Revenue Monster innovates a growing suite of services for businesses. Our expertise is centered upon providing true everyday retail and online sales solutions.


With unified fintech smart solutions we empower businesses with ultimate control & convenience


We utilize years of experience, top tier expertise and partnerships to pioneer industry leading innovation

Digital-led Ecosystem

We provide businesses with a fully digital ecosystem that provides a full suite of services critical to business digitalisation


With unified fintech smart solutions we empower businesses with ultimate control & convenience

Mr. Lim Kar Aik, CEO at Revenue Monster

On a mission to empower teams

Our Values - At Revenue Monster, we empower businesses. We strive to fast-track the digitalization of today’s businesses, adopting the current contactless business needs for The Ever-changing Normal - redefining the way they connect and engage with customers. We re-innovate existing systems for payments, loyalty, social media marketing, mobile commerce and business security, to increase value, ease and solve problems on everyday business practices and operations.

Our Mission - Our pioneering digital solutions aim to bring fresh perspectives and on-trend solutions across all customer touchpoints while empowering businesses to achieve better efficiency in its day-to-day operations. This digital ecosystem supports businesses across a variety of core business aspects, ultimately ensuring profitability and success whilst thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Vision - Sharing the same vision as Bank Negara Malaysia, we endeavor to bring about a seismic shift in the payments landscape, bringing Malaysia closer towards our nation’s ambition of being a digital and cashless society.